Swiss jet booking experience

Rely on us – We’ve thought of everything

Whether you’re flying for business of pleasure, we think of every detail so you can get on with the things you do best. JetFlo are a new, Swiss-based private jet broker with a fresh approach to the world of private aviation. You can relax knowing our huge network of aircraft operators will have the perfect option for you. We combine technology and our world-renowned Swiss hospitality to deliver a luxurious charter experience with the highest quality of service and reliability at our heart.

Bespoke flights for Perfect Prices

Whatever your distance, destination and scheduling requirements may be – we’ve got this. Thanks to our unrivalled number of trusted relationships with operators and aircraft owners, we can offer options at a price that works for you, without compromising on quality.

Unlike traditional operators, JetFlo is 100% independent. We use proprietary technology to compare all available options, so we will always find you the best-priced option with the most reliable operator for your flight – all delivered with our best-in-class service.

For transparency, and to guarantee our quality of service, each booking through JetFlo has a brokerage fee added. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, crypto payments and bank transfers. Flights can be paid for on or offline. All funds must be received and cleared before take-off.

Jet booking safety

Safety: Your safety, our Highest priority

Your safety is our highest priority, and as such JetFlo only recommend operators that meet the highest safety criteria in the industry. To place you only in the safest hands, JetFlo ensures that the operators selected have a valid Air Operating Certificate (AOC) and that the aircraft is properly insured and maintained. This way the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to enjoy your time on board.

The AOC conforms to the standards for commercial flights and ensures that the airline meets all operating and safety standards. It also means that the operator is regularly audited by their National Civil Aviation Authority and that pilots comply with all training, medical and legal requirements, so you can sit back and fly with total peace of mind.

Operator audits cover a wide range of operations and maintenance procedures including crew training and aircraft maintenance as indicated below:

  • Aircraft documentation checks – to ensure all required certification and approvals are valid.
  • Crew training record checks – to ensure that all crew are current and licenced for commercial operations.
  • Crew flight time limitations record checks – to ensure that crew fatigue avoidance is observed.
  • Flight checks – to observe and ensure that the correct flight operations and cabin procedures are undertaken.
  • Maintenance and engineering compliance checks – to check compliance with approved maintenance procedures, ensuring aircraft are safe to fly.
  • Manual checks – confirming the validity of company operations manuals and documentation.
  • Management and financial robustness checks – to ensure CAA-approved post holder team is empowered and capable to undertake safe management of the entire business.
  • Ramp checks – to assess turnaround of company aircraft at any given airport and review operator auditing of handlers.
  • Operations checks – to assess expertise of aircraft operations staff to undertake operational duties.
  • Quality checks – to ensure that the internal auditing process is robust and compliant.

We are happy to provide you, upon request, the selected crew’s hours of experience, to give you the assurance you need to show that you are in the very best hands.

JetFlo regularly performs independent audits on the operators selected.