Green initiatives by JetFlo

Our green initiatives

Innovating Greener Air Travel


To empower you to make more sustainable choices, JetFlo is pioneering responsible business aviation by adopting innovative and sustainable solutions:

Introducing the “Green Quote®”:

To help you reduce your impact, we created The Green Quote® – a unique solution in business aviation. When you request a flight, JetFlo will analyse your flight’s data including fuel consumption, geolocalisation, aircraft capacity and age, amongst other parameters to calculate the least environmentally impactful option available. The Green Quote offers the most efficient and least impactful solution for your travel. This offer will be added to the other selection of aircraft identified by JetFlo to meet your request. When selecting the aircraft offered in the Green Quote, you’ll be guaranteed to use the most responsible solution for your flight.

The 100% carbon offset guarantee: JetFlo is the first private jet broker to offer a 100% carbon offset guarantee for all your flights. JetFlo mainly works with operators that guarantee 100% carbon offset of their flights, and for others, JetFlo will include a carbon offset solution to compensate for the total impact of your flight in your quote, thanks to our partnership with My Climate Care, a recognized Swiss foundation that works globally to finance and support green initiatives.

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We also promote the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) whenever possible. For more information about SAF click here.


We opt for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft: To support you to fly more sustainably, we prioritise younger aircraft, which are better because engine manufacturers are constantly developing more economical, less polluting aircraft and engines in order to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon footprint. This is why, and unless otherwise requested by the customer, JetFlo will only offer aircraft less than 15 years old and always recommend the newest aircraft available.

You can also contribute with us to reduce the impact of your flights by following our Green guidelines below:

  • Plan ahead: requesting your flight in advance allows us to offer you a wider selection of aircraft including the ones that will be the most fuel efficient, and the aircraft whose home base will be the closest to your departure or destination.
  • Be open minded: the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of your flight could include a different aircraft type, or starting point, or a fuel stop.
  • Trust the Green Quote®: The Green Quote® offered by JetFlo will always offer the best alternative for your flight if you want to consider limiting your impact on the environment.
  • Consider the Carbon Offset solution presented by JetFlo.

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