Bombardier Global 6000

The Bombardier Global 6000 is a shining example of innovation, elegance, and performance in the world of ultra-long-range business jets. Developed by the renowned Canadian aerospace company, Bombardier Aerospace, this aircraft represents the pinnacle of modern technology and design, setting the standard for global travel with unparalleled comfort, range, and sophistication.

One of the standout features of the Bombardier Global 6000 is its impressive range. With a maximum range of approximately 6,000 nautical miles, it can effortlessly connect major cities around the world without the need for refueling stops. This extensive range allows for non-stop flights from New York to Tokyo or London to Dubai, making it a preferred choice for international business travelers.

Step inside the Global 6000, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of opulence and comfort. The cabin offers a generous amount of space, with a length of approximately 43 feet, ensuring ample room for passengers to move about freely. The cabin can be configured to accommodate up to 19 passengers in a variety of layouts, from spacious executive lounges to private staterooms and dining areas. The interior is exquisitely crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, creating an ambiance of refined luxury.

The Global 6000 is equipped with cutting-edge avionics systems, including the Bombardier Vision flight deck. This advanced cockpit integrates the latest technology, enhancing situational awareness for pilots and ensuring smooth and safe flights in all conditions. The aircraft is also equipped with a fly-by-wire control system, reducing pilot workload and providing precise control.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines, the Global 6000 boasts exceptional performance characteristics. These engines not only deliver impressive thrust and speed but also contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The aircraft’s ability to access airports with shorter runways further enhances its versatility.

Passenger comfort is a top priority for Bombardier, and the Global 6000 excels in this regard. The cabin is meticulously designed to minimize noise, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for passengers. With a maximum cruising altitude of 51,000 feet, passengers can enjoy smooth flights with reduced turbulence.

The Bombardier Global 6000 is available for charter with JetFlo, contact your JetFlo representative to charter a Global 6000 today.





Cabin Height:

1.88 m

Cabin Width:

2.41 m

Cabin Length:

13.18 m


Baggage Volume:

5.52 m3


11,112 km / 6,000 nmi

Cruise Speed:

950 km/h

Burn Rate:

2136 l/h

*Aircraft Seating, hence passenger capacity, may vary. JetFlo provides you here with  the most common seating configuration for this model. You private aviation advisor will provide you with all the additional information call us +41 22 886 09 00