Citation Citation CJ2 / CJ2+

The Cessna CJ2+ is a Light Jet that offers a great option for any short-haul flight. Incorporating high standards of performance and reliability that define efficient and enjoyable private jet travels, the Citation Jet series outshines competitors. Cessna’s unwavering commitment to simplicity in design results in cost-effective and versatile jets with efficient updates over time.

Cessna upgraded its first aircraft, the CJ2, to the CJ2+ in 2006. The model boasts a modernized FJ44 engine, the FJ44-3A (by Williams International), a revamped cockpit, an advanced ProLine 21 avionics suite, and reduced fuel consumption.

The CJ2+ stands out from its competitors with its exceptional range of 2’800 km / 1’511 nm. It outclasses one of its closest competitors, the Premier IA.

When considering an aircraft purchase, the CJ2+ offers an attractive option priced at $5.6 million on the pre-owned market by late 2023 (source Aircraft blue book).

The CJ2+ offers an exceptional value proposition with superior performance, economic design, and engineering advantages that surpass its competitors in multiple aspects.

When you rent a Cessna Citation CJ2 or CJ2+ with JetFlo, your chartered aircraft will have a crew of two pilots. However, both the CJ2 and CJ2+ can be flown by a single pilot (Single-Pilot Certification approved) thanks to modern avionics systems that reduce pilot cockpit workload.

CJ2 and CJ2+ aircraft are widely accessible in Europe and North America and have been the best-selling Citation jets for several years.

In the beginning of 2016, Cessna stopped producing this great light jet due to lower than expected order book. However, despite this, close to 460 Cessna 525A have been produced and are extensively flown by business jet travelers

Unlike some aircraft series that face market challenges and discontinuation, the CJ series (with its M2, CJ3+, CJ4) shows no signs of ending. Operators, owners, and pilots continue to benefit from the familiarity and loyalty to this enduring aircraft family




Cabin Height:

1.45 m

Cabin Width:

1.47 m

Cabin Length:

4.14 m


Baggage Volume:

2.10 m3


2'800 km / 1'511 nmi

Cruise Speed:

774 km/h

Burn Rate:

515 l/h

*Aircraft Seating, hence passenger capacity, may vary. JetFlo provides you here with  the most common seating configuration for this model. You private aviation advisor will provide you with all the additional information call us +41 22 886 09 00