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Discover Paradise: Hire a Private Jet to the Maldives

The Maldives, a tropical paradise of turquoise waters and pristine beaches, beckons traveler’s with its natural beauty and luxury. For those who seek the pinnacle of convenience and indulgence, hiring a private jet to the Maldives is the key to an extraordinary experience.



Velana International Airport (IATA: MLE, ICAO: VRMM)

Kadhdhoo Airport (IATA: KDO, ICAO: VRMK)

Hanimaadhoo International Airport (IATA: HAQ, ICAO: VRMH)

Dhaalu Airport (IATA: DDD, ICAO: VRMU)

Maafaru International Airport (IATA: NMF, ICAO: VRDA)


Effortless Arrival and Departure with Private Jet Charters to the Maldives

Hiring a private jet to the Maldives ensures a stress-free and expedited travel experience, allowing you to bypass the crowds and long lines at commercial airports. Your journey is tailored to your schedule, guaranteeing you maximise your time in this tropical haven.

The Maldives’ Pristine Natural Beauty

The Maldives is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the idyllic atolls, overwater bungalows, and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Whether you’re diving in the crystal-clear waters, snorkeling among vibrant coral gardens, or relaxing on white-sand beaches, the Maldives offers a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Culinary Delights and Gastronomic Adventures

The Maldives’ culinary scene is a treat for the senses. Hiring a private jet to the Maldives means embarking on a gastronomic adventure. Savour Maldivian specialties like seafood curries, grilled fish, and tropical fruit desserts. Dine at luxury resorts, where world-class chefs create exquisite dishes with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

Exclusive Accommodations and Services

The Maldives offers a range of exclusive accommodations, from overwater villas to private island resorts. Enhance your stay with personalised concierge services, which can arrange underwater dining experiences, spa treatments, water sports activities, or curate bespoke experiences tailored to your preferences.

Island Exploration and Water Adventures

Beyond the luxury of your resort, explore nearby islands to experience Maldivian culture and traditions. Discover local markets, visit fishing villages, and partake in cultural events. Alternatively, embark on thrilling water adventures, such as jet skiing, parasailing, or deep-sea fishing.

Vibrant Nights in the Maldives

As the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offers a serene ambiance that transforms into a romantic and vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy beachfront cocktails, private sunset cruises, and candlelit dinners on the beach. The Maldives’ nightlife is a reflection of its idyllic charm.

The Maldives, Where Every Moment Becomes a Memory

The Maldives offers a unique blend of natural beauty, luxury, and tranquility. Hiring a private jet to the Maldives ensures your journey is as exceptional as your destination. Immerse yourself in the Maldives’ timeless allure, savour exquisite cuisine, and explore its pristine landscapes—all while enjoying the unmatched convenience and luxury of private jet travel.

Contact your JetFlo’s representative today to plan your private jet charter to the Maldives and embark on a journey where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Experience The Maldives through our recommendations

InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort

The Maldives

For your stay we recommend InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort Located in the crystal clear waters ,Escape and reconnect with nature, yourself and those who matter most in the sweeping blue panoramics of the Indian Ocean. With soft white sands and palm tree peppered terraces, be mesmerized by island life from the moment you board the seaplane to the tranquil shores of the Raa Atoll.

Maamunagau Island Raa Atoll, Republic of Maldives

Ithaa Undersea restaurant Maldives
Restaurants and Bars

The Maldives

The Maldives is renowned for having several transparent undersea restaurants. Yes, you can dine under the water and watch sea creatures (including sharks) swimming all around you! Ithaa Undersea, 16 feet below the surface at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, was the first one to open. 

Yacht rental the Maldives

The Maldives

For a unique and luxurious experience we would like to suggest Yacht rental in the Maldives so that you can explore the waves of the Indian Ocean , we would be able to offer the huge variety of Yachts.

Our Yachts offer come with optional extras for example, a captain and crew. This allows you to customize your experience and make it truly your own.




Male 04h10 Embraer Phenom 300 7 Super Light Jet 51'000 €


Male 03h00 Hawker 850XP 8 Midsize Jet 35'000 €


Male 04h50 Gulfstream 200 10 Super Midsize Jet 82'000 €


Male 08h20 Dassault Falcon 900 14 Heavy Jet 92'000 €


Male 10h00 Gulfstream G550 16 Ultra-Long Range 121'000 €

This price information is for reference only on a one way trip. Should you be flying back to your departure destination, the price will not be multiplied by 2. Many parameters will impact the overall journey price. Our charter expert will provide you with all the details. Do not hesitate to contact us ( tel +4122886 0900) should you have any questions in the organisation of your private jet trip to “The Maldives”.