Our Partners


Advancing Toward a Sustainable Sky with Fleasy.

At JetFlo, we harbor a vision not just to bridge global distances but to do so with a minimized carbon footprint. Our partnership with Fleasy is a stride towards realizing this commitment to sustainable aviation. Fleasy is at the forefront of developing zero-emission aircraft solutions, aiming for certification in 2028. This collaboration propels us further into our ongoing mission to provide eco-conscious chartered flight solutions.


JetFlo and G-YACHTS are proud to annonce the ultimate luxury partnership.

Based in Monaco, G-YACHTS has been building vigorous relationships with their clients for over 23 years, based on trust, devotion and impeccable service. They offer Charter Services, Yacht Management, Sales and acquisition services.

As yachting experts and enthusiasts, there is no limit to their passion.  Just like JetFlo, G-YACHTS is dedicated and committed to becoming your true yachting partner and to provide you with the most beautiful yachting experience.

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Wine Rose

One of JetFlo’s unique strengths is our ability to tailor our services to each of our clients individually. Although all our clients are different, what they all have in common is an eye for detail, a taste for the good things in life, and a desire to experience only the best. As a result, we have partnered with a Swiss based wine expert WINE ROSE to offer our WINE CONCIERGE SERVICES. Assisted by some of the most respected wine experts in Europe, we can offer you services ranging from simple wine orders to sourcing the rarest and most cherished vintages that will exceed your wildest oenological aspirations. (more…)