Edito: Busy summer ahead for private aviation

As the summer season approaches, the private aviation industry is already witnessing a surge in demand much greater than expected. Prices are rising, and they’re expected to climb even higher as the peak of summer draws near. At JetFlo we constantly monitor pricing and keep negotiating with operators the best prices for your flights. For those planning to fly privately this summer, the time to book is now as costs are expected to continue to rise.

To avoid scheduling issues, some operators have ceased quoting flights to select holiday hotspots. The challenge of securing landing slots has become a formidable barrier especially in the south of Europe. For instance, several operators have withdrawn options for destinations like Naples or Mykonos, the Greek island famed for its summer party ambiance.

The Cannes festival and Monaco Grand Prix that marks the beginning of the summer season in private aviation has demonstrated once again the huge complexity in securing slots for Nice or Cannes airport. Many of those booking late were forced to choose nearby airports, such as La Mole or Toulon, a sign of things to come.

The message is clear: procrastination could lead to disappointment. To avoid the turbulence of last-minute bookings, Jetflo is working constantly with all parties to secure your summer travel plans posthaste. JetFlo stands ready to navigate the season with a robust network of trusted operators and Fixed Base Operators (FBOs).

In conclusion, the forecast for private aviation this summer is clear skies for those who plan ahead.

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