The Insider’s Guide to Flying Private to Paris

Ah, Paris! Flying Private. A city that effortlessly enchants visitors with a symphony of culture, haute couture, and exquisite cuisine. Here is a guide to flying private to Paris.

If you’re planning to embrace the epitome of finesse, flying private to the City of Lights is the only way to make an entrance by landing in a private jet. With tailored, impeccable services to make your journey as delectable as a French patisserie, flying private to Paris is the discerning traveller’s choice. Here’s an insider’s guide to flying private to Paris and soaring into Parisian skies with on a private jet.
Selecting Your Parisian Port of Entry

There are several airports around Paris but the most private jet friendly is Paris Le Bourget (LBG)
Le Bourget, the crowned prince of Parisian airports, is an exclusive haven for private aviation. It’s conveniently located 11 miles from the heart of Paris and a mere 6 miles from the iconic Stade de France. With seven exquisite terminals for private jets, it’s ideal for those who prioritise lavishness and expediency.

Taking Flight from Global Hubs

Private jets to Paris are a popular choice among the world’s elite, with major cities playing host to these opulent sojourns.

From London
A stone’s throw away, London to Paris is an incredibly popular route. In less time than it takes to savour a cup of Earl Grey tea, you can find yourself strolling along the Seine.

From Geneva
Whether you’re taking a super efficient business trip or looking to make the most of a short holiday, a mere hour’s flight separates Swiss perfection from French artistry.

From New York
The Big Apple’s magnates and fashion icons often embark on transatlantic expeditions to the French capital. With non-stop, bespoke services, your journey becomes totally hassle free

From Dubai
The Middle Eastern royalty and business moguls prefer Paris for both leisure and opulent shopping experiences. About 7 hours’ flight time ensures ample hours of indulgence on board.

Reap the Lavish Rewards
Flying private to Paris is more than just reaching a destination; it’s an experience extraordinaire. With impeccable convenience, you can bid adieu to long queues and embrace a swift, personalised check-in process. The bespoke interiors of your private jet can be either relaxing salon to enjoy a movie and a drink or an airborne office with wifi to maximise your work time.

The time saved is invaluable. Tailored schedules allow for maximising your stay, making every moment in Paris truly count. Moreover, a world of sumptuous gastronomy awaits you on board. From Michelin-star delicacies to your favourite vintage champagne, the sky is literally the limit.

Flying private is the quintessential way to meld into the tapestry of Parisian life. Whether you’re attending a chic soirée or the Olympic 100m final at Stade de France, your arrival is sure to make heads turn. After all, Paris is all about the grandeur, n’est-ce pas?

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