NYC – fashion week and US Open combined

Double the Excitement: fly private to New York for Fashion Week & US Open 2023
Imagine this: Breakfast at a café by the River Thames in London and dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking New York City’s skyline. In 2023, from August 28th to September 13th, this dream can quickly become your reality, especially if you’re keen on experiencing two of NYC’s most iconic events – the New York Fashion Week (7th – 13th September) and the US Open Tennis (28th August – 10th September).
Why Combine Both Events?
Both the Fashion Week and the US Open are held in New York around late summer and early autumn. This makes it a perfect opportunity to experience the best of fashion and sports in a single trip. And what better way to make the most of your Transatlantic trip than with the exclusivity, comfort, and speed of a private jet?
The Ultimate Fashion Experience
New York Fashion Week isn’t just about the clothes; it’s about the energy, the celebrities, the designs, and the city itself. As the fashion capital, NYC buzzes with anticipation, showcasing both established designers and up-and-coming talents. With your private jet service, you can ensure you arrive just in time for your favourite designer’s show, and maybe even get a chance to mingle at exclusive after-parties.
Serve and Volley in Style
Feel the electric atmosphere of the US Open Tennis from August 28th to September 10th. Whether you’re a die-hard tennis fan or just someone who enjoys a day out in the sun, the US Open offers thrilling matches and an unforgettable experience.
Perfect Crossover Dates
From 7th to 10th September, you have a unique opportunity to indulge in both events on the same day. Start with a morning match at the US Open and then head over to the evening runway shows of the Fashion Week. It’s a blend of sports and fashion that only New York can offer.
Making the Most of Your Trip
While in New York, don’t limit yourself to just these events. The city offers a plethora of experiences, from Broadway shows to Central Park picnics. And with the time saved by flying private, you can truly indulge in all that NYC has to offer.
Jetting You Off from Europe’s Premier Cities
At JetFlo, we understand that your luxury experience begins the moment you decide to travel. That’s why we offer departures from all major European cities, ensuring you’re never far from a JetFlo experience. Treat yourself and fly private to New York.



Switzerland Geneva Ultra-Long Range USA New York 8h10 Falcon 7X 8 Ultra-Long Range 93,000 €
France Paris Ultra-Long Range USA New York 7h45 Global Express+ 14 Ultra-Long Range 79,000 €
Italy Milan Ultra-Long Range USA New York 8h20 Gulfstream GV 16 Ultra-Long Range 90,000 €
UK London Heavy Jet USA New York 8h15 Challenger 605 10 Heavy Jet 75,000 €
Germany Berlin Ultra-Long Range USA New York 8h22 G550 16 Ultra-Long Range 91,500 €
Spain Madrid Heavy Jet USA New York 3h15 Falcon 2000LXS 8 Heavy Jet 76,000 €


[This price information is for reference only on a one way trip. Should you be flying back to your departure destination, the price will not be multiplied by 2. Many parameters will impact the overall journey price. Our charter expert will provide you with all the details. Do not hesitate to contact us ( tel +4122886 0900) should you have any questions in the organisation of your private jet trip to “New York“.]

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