Future bright for SAF as 2023 shows a surge in production

JetFlo, a company dedicated to sustainable aviation practices, keeps a close eye on all industry trends that help us advance towards a greener future. While there were major advancements in several domains, the standout performer of the year was Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), experiencing a substantial increase in production, usage, and a heightened commitment from industry stakeholders. Global SAF production tripled to an impressive 600 million liters, showing the industry’s maturation in meeting the rising demand for eco-friendly jet fuel. Notably, two trans-Atlantic flights, one by Gulfstream and the other by Virgin Atlantic, were powered entirely by SAF, with widespread support from the industry.

United Airlines’ pledge to achieve 100% SAF usage by 2050 reflects the increasing global dedication to decarbonization. Airlines worldwide, spanning Japan, Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region, secured SAF supplies through long-term agreements.

A Gulfstream G600 completed the first transatlantic flight powered entirely by SAF

In the financial arena, 39 companies secured a substantial $3 billion through 50 investment deals, with support from venture capitalists and governments prioritizing a cleaner aviation industry.

The policy landscape witnessed a notable shift, with the European Union’s ReFuelEU Aviation directive mandating a progressive SAF blend in fuel supplies. Starting at 2% in 2025, the directive aims for an impressive 63% by 2050. In the United States, the Biden administration favored the GREET methodology over CORSIA for carbon emissions calculation.

Internationally, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reached a consensus on a framework to reduce the carbon intensity of aviation fuels by 5% by 2030, underscoring the global commitment to addressing aviation emissions.

The momentum generated in 2023 sets the stage for the upcoming year, with anticipated doubled SAF production, increased demand, and further policy advancements. Given that 2023 marked the warmest year on record, the urgency for progress remains paramount.

In partnership with Azzera, JetFlo offers clients carbon offsetting for all flights and actively promotes the use of SAF whenever feasible on our flights. For more information on this and our other sustainable initiatives, visit here.

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