Wine of the Month: Savagnin 2015 – Domaine Lucien Aviet

Springtime is synonymous with nature’s rebirth, where buds burst forth and chlorophyll flourishes. For foodies, this season heralds the arrival of crisp sprouts and, perhaps, along with the greens, some morels…

In this symphony of flavors, there’s hardly a better pairing than a Savagnin!

The Estate

Lucien Aviet, who heralds from a farming background in Jura, took over the family farm in the 1960s after completing his military service. He decided to shift from selling grapes to the local cooperative to producing his own wine from them. Over the years he built up a reputation for making some of the most age-worthy and classic expressions of the Jura’s distinct varieties and styles.

Playfully referred to as ‘Bacchus’ in his village, he adopted a minimal approach to the farming of his grapes and letting naturally occurring yeasts from the vineyards jumpstart the fermentation process. Lucien was a true champion of the native Jura grape Trousseau. He passed away in 2021, leaving the estate in his son Vincent’s capable hands.

The Grape

Despite being among the oldest grape varieties in terms or parentage, Savagnin blanc hasn’t spread much beyond the Alps, including Switzerland, and the Jura area to which it’s mostly associated. In Jura, it covers around 400 hectares to this day.

The combination of continental climate, marly soils and traditional know how, give birth some of the most iconic and rare specimens of the wine world, bearing the name of Vin Jaune. Vin jaune is a special and characteristic type of white wine made in the Jura region in eastern France. It is similar to dry fino Sherry and gets its character from being matured in a barrel under a film of yeast, known as the voile, on the wine’s surface.

The Tasting profile

Given just slightly less barrel ageing (4-5 years) under “voile” than a Vin Jaune, it will nonetheless prove indestructible to time. Once past the penetrating bouquet, this has a silky mouthfeel and is easy to drink since day one…even if it shows a huge potential for further aging. Notably truffley and walnuty, with a saline cut, it marries very well with white meats, sauces with a cream base, mushrooms and Comté cheese.

Want to try it ?

If you are interested in trying this wine during your next flight or in the comfort of your home, please contact your JetFlo representative or email at Together with our partners Wine Rose we would be glad to organize this tasting experience.

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